Confirmed Presenters


Application of the ‘Federated and Executable Models’ MBSE Process to Airbus Orbital Servicing Missions

Stéphane Estable | Airbus Defence and Space

JPL Systems Environment

Chris Delp and Eric Brower | Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Distributed Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

Tim Gaydos | Parsons

Future Direction of MBSE with SysML v2

Sandy Friedenthal | SAF Consulting

MBSE within an E2E Enterprise Digital Environment

Ralf Hartmann | Airbus Defence and Space 

Integrated Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Applied to the Simulation of the OSIRIS-REx Mission

Phathom Donald | Lockheed Martin

Bridging Rocket System Behavioral Simulations from SysML to Analytical Simulations

Brad Nelson | Orbital ATK

Evolving MBSE to Enable the Digital Future

David Long | Vitech 

Functional Verification of Complex Engineering Designs using System-Level Modeling

Paul Goossens and Hisashi Miyashita | Maplesoft

Applications for Three Research Use Cases in Model Centric Engineering using ModelCenter and MBSE Analyzer

Mark Blackburn | Stevens Institute of Technology 

Improving MBSE Capabilities at Orbital ATK with ModelCenter

Virgil Hutchinson | Orbital ATK

Challenges and Solutions of a Model-Based Enterprise

Kerron Duncan | Northrop Grumman 

MBSE, PLM and the Digital Thread: Business Opportunities and Challenges

Don Tolle | CIMdata



Lockheed Martin Tackles the Latest AFRL MADO Challenge with Phoenix Integration

Clifton Davies | Lockheed Martin 

Digital Engineering

Philomena Zimmerman | Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD)

A Physics-based Distributed Collaborative Design Process for Military Aerospace Vehicle Development and Technology Assessment

Raymond  Kolonay | AFRL

Opportunities for Workflow Automation in an Engineering Environment

Max Markestein | Fokker Aerostructures / GKN

Distributed Computing in ModelCenter Using Cloud-Based Virtual Machines

Alex Carrere | Boeing 

Enhancing the Accuracy and Streamlining of the Building Process of Power Plant Dispatch and Equipment Monitoring Models

Alfred Ong’iro | Calpine Corp

High Fidelity Performance Behavior Models Development for Combat Ship in Model Based Environment

Jared Adams, Igor Mizine, and Chase Rogers | CSRA

Inference Enterprise Modeling for Insider Threat Detection Systems

Edward Huang | George Mason University

Multidisciplinary System Design Optimization Using Model-Based Engineering to Support Phased Array Antenna Architectural Trades

John Hodge | Northrop Grumman 

Rocket Engine Conceptual Design using ModelCenter®

James Horton | Aerojet Rocketdyne

Phoenix Integration AFRL SORCER/NSTC Collaboration


Trade Space Exploration Throughout System Design

Jay Martin | Applied Research Lab/Penn State University

Aerospace Mission Design and Analysis Across the Engineering “V”

Kevin Flood | AGI



The Parametric Digital Engineering Journey

Matthew Hause | PTC

Model Based Systems Engineering Today and What’s Next

Enrique Krajmalnik | No Magic

A Modular Simulation Process and Data Management Solution Using HyperWorks, ModelCenter and SimData Manager

Carlos de Lima | Altair Engineering

Model Based Development of Aerospace & Defense Mechatronic systems: Challenges & Opportunities

Keshav Sundaresh | Altair Engineering

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