Simulation Analytics Using PHX ModelCenter and Tecplot Chorus: UAV Flight Performance Prediction

November 30, 2011

Presenter: Durrell Rittenberg, Director of Customer Development, Tecplot, Inc.
Facilitator: John Daley, Senior Solutions Consultant, Phoenix Integration


The availability and affordability of computer power today drives demand for simulations that can help generate design ideas, conduct parametric studies, and perform automated design optimization. PHX ModelCenter enables engineers to accelerate their simulations, automating manual steps in the simulation process, running simulations on multi-core or grid computing resources, and providing trade study tools to conduct studies and collect and visualize results.

Although this can improve the engineering design process, effectively managing large numbers of simulation cases presents unique challenges to traditional analysis and post-processing methods. Simulation Analytics is the application of visualization, data management, statistics, and data mining to both the data resulting from the simulation and the related metadata. In this webinar, a coupled approach between PHX ModelCenter and Tecplot Chorus will be demonstrated to provide effective Simulation Analytics for flight performance of an unmanned air vehicle (UAV).

Demonstration featuring: PHX ModelCenter 10.0, QuickWrap, Design of Experiments, and Tecplot Chorus for managing and exploring sets of CFD cases, comparative analysis, and modeling metadata

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