Rocket Science in the Fast Lane: Optimizing a New Upper Stage Rocket Engine in Six Weeks

October 1, 2014

Presenter: J. Simmons, Ph.D., Senior Application Engineer, Phoenix Integration


How would you respond to your customer if they asked you to double the number of design cases to investigate in the closing weeks of a research program? You could answer, "no problem" if you had a tool designed to reduce the time it takes solve complex design problems, to provide insight into multidisciplinary systems, and to build robust multidisciplinary workflows.

Fortunately for Phoenix Integration’s Dr. J. Simmons, he had just such a tool in PHX ModelCenter® when his committee asked him to expand the scope of his dissertation investigating the Dual-Expander Aerospike Nozzle (DEAN) upper stage engine. Dr. Simmons is a Senior Application Engineer at Phoenix Integration with over nine years of experience using PHX ModelCenter in industry and academia including his work at the Air Force Institute of Technology where he recently earned his Ph.D. in Space Systems Engineering.

This webinar will cover how he leveraged PHX ModelCenter’s multidisciplinary optimization (MDO) capabilities, design space exploration features, and process workflow modeling facilities to optimize the DEAN engine for a total of five designs spanning three missions in just six weeks.

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