ModelCenter® and VCollab®: Capture, Organize, and Communicate Your CAE Results

January 19, 2016

Presenter: Prasad Mandava, Co-Founder and CEO VCollab® / Visual Collaboration Technologies Inc.


ModelCenter® Organize is a vendor-neutral digital library that enables engineers to automatically capture, organize, and share their engineering data - geometry, meshes, and simulation results.

  • Establish and preserve the relationships between datasets to achieve traceability
  • Collaborate and share information with other team members and among stakeholders via automatically generated reports and web views
  • Reuse engineering data on future projects

When used in conjunction with VCollab technology, ModelCenter Organize becomes even more powerful. VCollab helps to reduce, visualize and share 3D CAE models and results. Whenever CAE results files are put into ModelCenter Organize, the VCollab powered CAE indexers automatically go to work, extracting key information from the results files and displaying them in a web page or directly in ModelCenter Organize's default interface.

This extracted information includes 3-D geometry/mesh overlaid with results of the user's choice - displacements, stresses, pressures, etc. This data is presented in fully interactive web viewer and can be manipulated in real time by the user. The VCollab indexers also automatically create portable CAX files from the engineering results. These files are up to 99% smaller than the original results files - perfect for sharing with co-workers, stakeholders, global teams, and customers.

In this webinar, we give a demonstration of this technology, illustrating:

  • How to automatically capture and organize key results from an engineering workflow
  • How to establish and preserve the relationships between result files to establish traceability
  • How VCollab technology can be used to automatically extract important meta-data on the fly from many CAE results files and display the data interactively on the web
  • How VCollab technology can automatically reduce the large results files from many CAE data formats/files into one common, light weight CAX format for smart 3D post processing and sharing of engineering/CAE results
  • How VCollab can help in smart web based 3D visualization of CAE models and results
  • How VCollab and ModelCenter Organize can help in the automation of CAE post processing and reporting

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